Solo Female Travel Advice

Ok Ladies, now lets get information!

Traveling by yourself for the first time (or 20th time) can be scary, nerve wracking and a bit intimidating. But it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have as a woman. Believe it or not, solo female travel is a popular movement right now! More and more women are choosing to travel alone for various reasons, and I'm here for all of it! The best thing about traveling solo, is that you'll get to meet lots of other cool women who are also traveling solo. What better way to find awesome travel buddies who are not only serious about traveling, but who will also encourage and motivate you to get more into it? 


And well-- that's why I'm here! 


This section includes all of my top tips & advice that I've learn after just 3 years of traveling solo. I've included things you should know like what to pack and what to wear, as well as helpful suggestions on where to stay, and personal safety tips based on my own experiences. I'm not an expert, but I have learned a few things that can possibly help other solo female travelers along on their journeys. 


The goal is to enjoy traveling, while being fearless and worry free. Are you ready to become a solo female traveler?! Of course you are, that's why you're here!

Travel advice for the solo female traveler 

3 ways to save money when traveling

Planning made Easier!

What to do? 

Where to go? 

What to pack?

Hotel or hostel?

Can I afford this?

Is it safe to travel there? 

So many questions go through our minds when it comes to traveling. All are legitimate, but just be sure not to overwhelm yourself! By following these few simple tips, your travel journey can be a breeze! Don't doubt yourself. Inhale good thoughts, exhale the bad ones. You CAN do this!  

What to do?

There are tons of things that you can do by yourself while traveling.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go to a Museum

  • Go to a play or to see a movie

  • Book a fun excursion 

  • Go to a fancy diner

  • Catch a train throughout the city

  • Go sight-seeing

  • Find a local beach and bathe in the sun

  • Visit a famous monument

  • Go shopping

  • Pamper yourself at the spa

  • Read a book at the park

What to Pack?

This all depends on where you're going. Going to an island? Pack light. Swim wear, shorts, sandals, and tank tops. Don't forget the sun block and sun glasses! 

Going to the snow? Pack your warmest jackets, scarfs, mittens, boots, and long john's. 

Going somewhere with a fair climate? Pack pants, comfortable walking shoes, t-shirts, and a light sweater for the cooler nights. 

Packing all depends on your style, and location. Be careful not to over pack. Over packing can cause unwanted fees when it comes to plane traveling. Pack what you need, and if by chance you forget something, or just want something different, you can always purchase it while there!

Also, don't forget your camera, all your electronics and their chargers (be sure to check the voltage req's. for your location as some outlets differ), your selfie stick (if you're into that sort of thing), medications, snacks, itineraries, a map (or download an offline map for use on your phone), a safety pouch to carry your valuables like money, passport, ID, credit/debit cards, and a list of emergency contacts of people who you trust! 

Where to go?

First, come up with a budget and find out where you can afford to go. From there, the world is yours. If you're a beach person, find an island or tropical location to visit. The Caribbean is the perfect destination for island and beach life.


If you like the snow- find a beautiful winter wonderland to visit. Book yourself a log cabin, and hang out by the fire place. 


If you're an all around adventurer, book a trip that provides a lengthy layover some place. That way you get multiple stops before the actual adventure even begins. This will allow you explore several places for the price of one! Don't forget your camera! 

Hotel vs. Hostel?

This can be a tricky one for women. You'll want to do your research before staying anywhere, but especially at a hostel. The good thing about hostels is that they have female only dorms & rooms. Which makes for a more comfortable atmosphere. If you've ever stayed in a college dormitory, then staying in a hostel should be a piece of cake for you. Depending on the hostel, you'll be bunking with a room of 3 or more people. The most I've seen was 24 people to a room. That's A LOT of people! But it can also be the cheapest option when you're traveling on a budget. We all know the perks of a hotel room, where you get your own room and bathroom. That's the conventional way. Again, hostels are for people who want to save as much money as possible when they travel. So the real difference between a hostel and a hotel is about $75+ per night vs. $10+ per night. You choose. 

By the way, hostels are completely safe, and all of the people there are also travelers. You have your own bed, locker to store your belongings, and you'll share a big open bathroom with everyone else. (Yes, you get private stalls to shower and do your business in.) Don't be afraid to try it out once or twice. You may just find that you like it. You'll find people there that you can link up and go on adventures with so you don't have to be alone if you don't want to. Hostels can be a lot of fun!

Can I afford this?

One of the things that I often stress is to set a BUDGET! I say this in all of my vlogs, blogs, advice columns, and everything else I do when it comes to traveling. It is the single most important thing you can do when it comes to traveling. You don't want to over spend, but you also don't want to run out of money while away, and have to dip into your reserve. Put aside whatever money you can save per month. Cut out some of the things you do that normally cost you money. Even $5.00 a day is a savings goal! That equals $150 a month which can get you a plane ticket to several places. Just something to consider.  

Pick a destination, price it out for the time you want to go, and start saving. All things are possible! The world is yours, and you can go anywhere your money will allow you! 

Is it safe to go there?

If you watch a lot of news, then you'd know that NOWHERE is safe to go. Not even to your own kitchen! You can trip on the leg of a chair, hit your head on the fridge and fall into a coma for 6 months! Ok..... maybe that's a bit much- but it's not that far fetched. No place is 100% safe. We have to be realistic, and I'm not here to sugar coat things. I'm here to tell the truth. However- not all places are bad or scary. Do your research on the place you want to visit. Block out the negative thoughts that people will tell you about that place, because if you listen to them, you'll never go anywhere! Not even outside your own house! Use your better judgement when it comes to choosing a location. Be smart and trust yourself. If you really want to go there, look up advice columns and find people who have already been there. Contact them and ask how it was. Use their experiences to guide your decisions. The best advice is always first hand advice. 

Great Travel Websites for all your extras!

Whether you need a ride to or from the airport, or you just want to check out the city sights with an experienced travel guide, these are the most reliable sites for travelers!

  • VIATOR.COM - for world wide activities, excursions, hotel/airport transfers, etc. 

  • HOSTELWORLD.COM - for finding affordable hostels anywhere in the world

  • KAYAK.COM - for finding cheap flights from your current location

  • PRICELINE.COM - for finding affordable hotels in your area

  • HOP-ON-HOP-OFF-BUS.COM - for fun sight seeing on double decker buses

Hey guys! I'm Ashawna Lane, a solo world traveler, entrepreneur and business owner. I travel the world by myself on a mission to fulfill my life with magical moments and unforgettable memories. 

I began traveling internationally in 2015. Since then I've had  little desire to stop. I've been to 22 countries and still have dozens more to explore. Follow my journey through life as I explore different countries, meet new people and create awesome adventures along the way! 

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