How to make monthly payments on your next trip WITHOUT using a travel agent... AND raise your credit

Updated: Feb 10

So the information I'm about to share is for my fellow travelers looking for affordable ways to travel without paying a travel agent. However, it also applies to people looking to buy pretty much anything who want to make monthly payments to pay it off- all while helping to establish a good credit report. It can be used for furniture, clothes, jewelry, appliances, electronics, literally anything! Check it out...

(Disclaimer: my travel agent friends may not like this blog, but if you're good at what you do, this shouldn't cause you to lose any business. The market has recently been over saturated with thousands of people claiming they're travel agents and ripping people off or trying to get other people to join their company in order to get paid... this is just a way for people to book their own trips without having to join a company. No hard feelings!)

As a traveler, I recently found a way to finance my trips and work on my credit at the same time. I typically pay cash for my trips because it's cheaper that way... It's a one time payment, no interest rates, no extra charges, no late fees, etc.... But after coming across Affirm on one of the travel sites I frequently use to book my trips, I decided to give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to apply, get approved and finance a trip. Now, I prefer to use Affirm when it comes to large purchases. Not only does it allow me to make small monthly payments, but it also helps to boost my credit score! That works for me... But before you say it, I know not everyone has the best credit and you may have already been denied elsewhere- but Affirm is a little different. It's an online finance company that pays for your purchase upfront, while you make your monthly payments to them until the loan is paid off. Did I mention the best part is that they help to build, establish and maintain your credit in the process? And because they work with credit scores as low as 550, you can finance your next big purchase!

Yes, I've done my research on them and I would never suggest anything that I have not already used for myself. It turns out they're a finance company out of San Francisco who approves loans for the things you want to buy. You then make monthly payments until you pay off the balance. And yes, this includes your vacations! They don't do "hard pulls" which means it won't show up as an inquiry on your credit report which can often times have a negative affect on your credit. The only time Affirm shows up on your credit report is when you begin making your monthly payments. That means if you make all of your payments on time, they'll report it to the major credit bureaus and HELP raise your credit scores! You get the trip (or other big thing you want to finance) and you get to work on your credit. It gets no better than that. But keep in mind, not paying your loan off on time can hurt your credit. So be diligent when it comes to paying back what you owe.

If you're still unsure about it, head on over to any major merchant website. Put something in your cart and go to check out. Affirm should pop up as one of the payment method options. They even have an app that you can download on your phone to shop, track your monthly payments, view your account balances and manage your loans. You can shop for concert tickets, tours, jewelry, car needs, make-up and so much more right through the app! I've used Affirm to purchase airline tickets, furniture and a few goodies off of Amazon, so I'm actually sharing based on my experience. The monthly payments are manageable and you get to decide whether you want to pay the loan back over 3,6,9 or 12 months. It's perfect for people who can leave something small up front, and make payments until it's paid off. Once you pay off your first loan, your odds of approval broaden and you'll have the chance to get a higher finance loan!

Go on and give it a try. Save some of the money you would be paying a travel agent and secure your own trip AND raise your credit in the process! This is just another way that I offer my assistance to those looking to travel for less. Each one, teach one. When I learn more, I share more because I want everyone to be informed. Book your next big purchase through Affirm today! Use my referral link to apply:

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Ashawna Lane

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