Ready to Travel?

Are you thinking of planning your next vacation, but need some advice on where to start? 

I can help! Along with finding the best rates for your budget, I also assist with planning, booking and customizing travel accommodations for your specific needs. For a nominal fee I can provide travel assistance for your next vacation big or small!


  • Planning

    Where to next? 

    Want to take a vacation, but not sure where to go? No problem! Let me know what your budget is and I can create a travel package for you based on your specific requests. Planning is the fun part!

  • Booking

    Are you ready to go? Got your bags packed and itinerary planned? Perfect, let's book your vacation at the best rate possible to help save you some money!

    Early planning is always best to maximize your savings while traveling. Let's book that trip now!

  • Accommodations

    Need a shuttle bus for your travel group? How about a personal chauffeur to get you to and from the airport? What about things to do once you arrive?

    Whether you're a group or individual traveler, I help cover the "what now" part of the trip.

  • Travel Tips

    When is the least expensive time of the year to travel? What hotel has the best rates at the location you want to visit? Is it safe to go there? Do you need a passport or visa to get there?

    Let's talk about it and get you where you want to go for the best price!  

Need a Quickie?

Book a weekend getaway that'll help refresh your mind and renew your body. Take the weekend off and hit the spa or hang out by the pool at a local hotel in your city or state. This is perfect for people who don't have a lot of time or money, but still want to get away... Or maybe you're afraid to fly and don't want to go to far away from home. These quick trips are an awesome way to getaway without actually getting away.


Great for couples and singles!

R. Johnson

"Ashawna helped my wife and I plan our honeymoon trip to Hawaii. She was so easy to work with and covered everything we needed. She even surprised us with a dinner on the beach package. My wife loved it! I will book my next trip with Ashawna again."