My Adventures in Anguilla, B.W.Indies, Netherlands 

Dolphin Riding
Bridge to nowhere!
Bikinis and bridges
Dolphin kisses
St. Maarten Island
Love at first sight!
Friends forever!
The signs!
In Anguilla, British West Indies
Sandy feet
Enjoying life
Footprints in the sand
In love!
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Hey guys! I'm Ashawna Lane, an avid international solo traveler, entrepreneur and self taught fashion designer. I'm traveling the world by myself on a mission to fulfill my life with magical moments and unforgettable memories. 

I started traveling internationally in 2015 and have little desire to stop. With 22 countries down and dozens more to come, you're welcomed to follow my journey as I explore different countries, meet new people and create awesome adventures along the way! 

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*I am not affiliated with any travel groups or companies*