Who is Ashawna Lane?

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Hey Guys!

My name is Ashawna Lane, I'm a solo traveler, and travel influencer from Los Angeles, CA.


My journey started in 2015 when I decided to give up my conventional way of life and travel the world. I sold all of my furniture, and downsized my lifestyle to be able to save money and travel. Sounds crazy, I know- but I found myself wanting more out of life than trading my days for a paycheck just to pay for things that kept me away from what I really wanted.  

Since that time, I've traveled to 22 countries and islands on 4 continents. Many people call me brave, bold, daring, and possibly even silly for exploring the world alone, but I'm just a human being, being human. I started this blog to do more than just share photos and videos of my adventures. I created this blog to show others the enrichment that traveling can have on our lives. 


I've decided to use my experiences to motivate and educate people about the significance of traveling. From the value that it can add to your life, to the fulfillment you get from connecting with other cultures. It's not just something to do, it's something to learn! We are all capable of accomplishing great things in our lives. Sometimes we just need something or someone to help push us into our purpose.

We all have a divine purpose, and I believe that mine is in showing others that with a dream, and some determination, anything is possible. My mission is to influence and promote an active, adventurous lifestyle that will help people live more fulfilled lives. 

What better way to spend your life than by seeing what the world has to offer?
Here's what I've accomplished on my journey so far...







My Monuments

Big Buddha
Phuket, Thailand
Great Pyramids
Cairo, Egypt
The Forbidden City
Beijing, China
The Sphinx
Giza Pyramids
The Great Wall
Beijing, China
King Ramses Tomb
Hatshepsut Temple
Luxor, Egpyt
With the Gods
Hatshepsut Temple
Cleopatra's Needle
Luxor, Egypt
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